Buyer Tips: How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

If you are considering purchasing a new property, then it may be time to contact a qualified real estate agent. An experienced, qualified real estate agent can help you with your home search, your financing, your negotiating and the closing process.

A qualified real estate agent can also educate you about the home buying process, which may be very useful for many home buyers, particularly first-time buyers.

If you are confused about where and how to begin the process of finding a qualified real estate agent, the following list can help you get started:

  • Ask friends, family members and business associates for referrals. Finding a good real estate agent is often as easy as asking other individuals who have recently bought or sold a home.
  • Look at the homes for sale in your area. Looking for other Highland Park homes sold by the same real estate agent is often a good place to start when searching for local real estate agents.
  • Interview at least a few agents to see if they meet your criteria and expectations. Pay close attention to whether the real estate agent seems friendly, attentive and willing to take the time to answer all of your questions, as this will prove to be important during the home buying process.
  • Check each agent’s education, qualifications and experience. Most importantly, ask each agent about his or her experience working with buyers and sellers in your area. A qualified real estate agent should have a good, working knowledge of the area, as well as real estate values and trends.
  • Make sure you have a good rapport with the agent you choose. Remember: the real estate agent you choose to help you purchase your home will likely be working with you for months, so it pays to have a good, friendly rapport with the agent.
  • Make sure to clearly convey your wants, needs and desires regarding your next home purchase so that your real estate agent can better assist you.
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