Victory Park's Largest Retailer Shutting Its Doors

Upscale collection of boutiques follows Nove Italiano out of business

Sales have gone cold at what was supposed to be one of the hottest stores in Dallas.

LTF, Victory Park's largest retailer, is closing its doors. A liquidation sale at the 17,000-square-foot collection of high-end boutiques started Friday.

"We are very sad to see it go, but it had to happen," store spokeswoman Julie Sinacola said.

LFT said the poor economy and a "yet to mature trade area" were to blame for the store's closure.

"People just really aren't out to buy high-end products anymore," Sinacola said.

Other retailers and restaurateurs said the LTF's closing was "a blow" to Victory Park.

Another major tenant, Nove Italiano restaurant, went out of business two months ago.

Victor Rojas, the manager of Victory Tavern, said a lack of foot traffic is the biggest challenge to Victory Park tenants.

"We are surviving, but we are constantly working to find new ways to bring customers in," he said.

But Rojas said people should not consider LFT's closure the "beginning of the end."

"There are a lot of restaurants down here doing everything they can, and a lot of us are very successful," he said.

The developer of Victory Park, Hillwood Properties, said foot traffic is improving as more tenants fill nearby office space and residential units.

Hillwood also said at least three new restaurants are set to open in Victory Park.

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