Vampire Wannabees Converge on Dallas

"Twilight" convention brings out the vampire fans

Since we're not staffed with 12-year-old girls, or their mothers, the opening of the unofficial "Twilight Saga" convention, TwiCon, snuck up on us.

Thursday was the first day fans could go to the Sheraton Dallas to talk about creative writing topics like: "Twilight All-Human Fic: No Vampires? What's the Point?!" or attend "Cardio with the Cullens." But, the real meat and potatoes for fans will likely come during Saturday's cast sessions with Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, and Billy Burke, among others.

Note: we say "for fans" because we had to IMDB all of those names (though we'd seen them in other stuff). Causal "Twilight" fans might enjoy seeing some of the convention, but it's the hardcore members who frequent sites like that will really feel their wannabe-vampire hearts pumping.

While we're not quite "fans" of the source material, we do know how much fun a convention can be. Our trip to A-Kon just a few months ago reminded us. So for those of you on the fence, maybe a trip to the official site will help whet your appetite.

TwiCon 2009
Sheraton Hotel Dallas
July 30 - Aug 2

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