Urbino Pizza e Pasta Shutters

Another one bites the crust

Urbino Pizza is no longer a part of the burgeoning Henderson Avenue neighborhood. It closed Sunday, much to the dismay of many a lit patron from Glo a short stumble away.

“It hasn’t been easy. I’m really surprised how someone like me can come in; create jobs and revenue for the city, only to be shut down once you fall behind. It hasn’t been easy,” owner David Pedack said.

He also told us a lack of marketing funds and jumping into too early (he thinks the neighborhood will fill up in six months) caused the pizzeria to close.

For now, Pedack, who said his addiction to the creative conceptual part of the restaurant business is like a “mental illness,” will stay focused on his other venture down the avenue.

This is the second pizzeria to close in the same place.

The pizza gods don’t seem to want a slice of this prime real-estate-pie.

We’ll keep you posted on what rises in Urbino’s place.

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