Up in Smoke: Fed. Taxes, Manufacturers Raise Prices


Smokers will soon pay more to light up as Federal taxes on cigarettes are set to increase $0.62.

That means the tax goes from $0.39 a pack to $1.01 a pack starting April 1st.

The Federal tax isn't the only increase in cigarette costs. Some brand, like Marlboro, have raised their prices to help pay the taxes on all stockpiled inventory.

Some smokers say the increase in costs is only one issue that makes them think of quitting. Smokers quoted in a Dallas Morning News story on the subject say local smoking bans, relatives with cancer, and the economics of buying cigarettes are strong reasons to quit smoking.

Lawmakers in support of the tax increase say the Federal tax will go to the Children's Health Insurance Program, but the taxes also reduce consumption of cigarettes, thereby saving lives.

Smokers may look to the Internet for their cheap cigarette fix. A quick Google search brought up dozens of online cigarette stores that seemed to have prices far lower than average.

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