UNT Cafeteria Goes Meatless

University opens vegan dining hall


The University of North Texas now offers the nation's first vegan cafeteria.

The Mean Greens Dining Hall offers only vegan options, which means absolutely no animal products.

"I think this is going to start a trend that you will see all across the United States, eventually," said Ken Botts, UNT special dining services manager.

Students will still find their favorite treats, such as pizza and ice cream, but with a healthy spin.

The operations chef, Wanda White, who trained as pastry chef, said vegan cooking is not her specialty. But she said she altered her technique and turned the dining hall into a vegan oasis.

"That was a main decision factor in choosing to come to the school," UNT freshman C.J. Melton said.

Botts said the school transformed the dining hall following students' requests.

"There are ethical vegans. There are spiritual reasons. We have a huge international contingency on this campus that will benefit from this kind of dining hall," Botts said.

It's a revolution in dining options for students "going green."

"Being a vegetarian, where I'm from -- my family background is not very supportive. Here, you kind of have the opportunity to eat what you want," UNT freshman Anthony Gilbert said.

There are plenty of dining options -- the school also transformed another dining hall into a Southern comfort foods cafeteria.

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