Unlimited Cowboys Party Passes, But Limited Space

The Dallas Cowboys said Thursday they aren't limiting the number of standing-room-only tickets, just the number of people allowed to use them to watch the game on the decks.

About 30,000 of the $29 Party Passes were sold for Sunday's game opening game against the New York Giants. But thousands of fans got unruly when they were briefly shut out of the stadium because of overcrowding.

The Cowboys, which met with Arlington officials this week, said that while the number of people on the six end zone decks would be limited to 15,000, the team wasn't going limit the number of available tickets.

Space on the decks is available on a first-come-first-serve, and the passes don't guarantee the holders to a spot inside the stadium.

Media reports earlier this week suggested that the Cowboys would be limiting the number of Party Passes for most games to 10,000.

The 10,000 number also popped up in an e-mail to a Cowboys fan who complained to the team about his experience at Sunday's game.

In the e-mail, the team apologized to the fan and offered him a refund or a Party Pass to a future game.

The e-mail also said that the "only reason so many party passes were sold for Sunday's game was to break the attendance record." The writer then went on to assure the fan that only 10,000 Party Passes -- at most -- would be sold for future games.

But Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels said none of that was true. He said the e-mail was likely an attempt by an employee to make a customer happy.

"Our demand will dictate party pass quantity, and certainly Sunday was a historic night, so the demand was high, but we would anticipate that varies from week to week," he said.

Daniels said the team hasn't seen much demand for refunds.

"We had a few refunds, we did, on Sunday, but for the most part, we've really had very little negative feedback," he said. "There were a few delays right around kickoff, but once everyone got in, they seemed to have a good time."

Kim Fischer contributed to this report.

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