Unique Dolls Become the Attraction of Many in Dallas

A single doll can cost up to $7,000, but clients also have the option to rent them

With adult videos readily available online, you may think there are fewer people who still go to adult stores and theaters.

However, silicone dolls are bringing men back to a shop in Dallas.

The life-like dolls, which are made and assembled in California, are operated by an app. They can talk and smile.

“Don't get mad at me. I didn't design the system. Men are visually and magnetically attracted to well-built female bodies,” said Kurt Lassberg, owner of Bliss in Dallas.

Lassberg is an expert on the subject, since many years ago he fulfilled requests for those adults who are looking for some fun or simply a companion.

“Because it’s [the dolls are] very affordable for renting, and it’s all types of guys, totally normal [who use them],” said Lassberg when referring to Quinn, Abigail and Stephanie.

Quinn, Abigail and Stephanie are 3D, long-lasting doll models that are made with a plastic skeleton and steel joints. They are sold for $7,000 or they can be rented for $40 for 40 minutes. Using a condom is mandatory.

“That’s the way a male’s brain is hardwired," said Lassberg. "He is attracted to that object, so if you are going to objectify, that’s totally normal."

According to Lassberg, between four to six clients rent the dolls every week.

He still hasn’t sold one, but a few people have shown interest in buying one.

A Canadian company had an idea using dolls similar to Lassberg's dolls down in Houston. It wanted to open a "love dolls brothel" where people would be able to use its human-like dolls on the premises.

But Houston's city council recently changed a city ordinance in an effort to essentially stop the so-called robot brothel from opening.

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