Ultimate Cupcakes vs. Sprinkles: Cupcake Face-Off

Who makes the ultimate cupcake in North Texas?  That depends on who's eating it!
When Sprinkles first opened in Preston Center, they brought a feast of cupcakes to the NBCDFW newsroom.  (In the newsroom, any kind of food disappears within five minutes or less).

After that tasting, we agreed that all of the flavors were quite tasty, in particular the plain vanilla.  Sprinkles has since brought cupcakes in on special occasions and we always enjoy them.
Now, Ultimate Cupcakes has opened in Tarrant County, and after we posted a story on the NBCDFW.com website, Ultimate Cupcakes was nice enough to deliver a batch for us to taste.

Included were chocolate, red velvet, lemon poppy seed and a few other flavors.  It seems one of the big differences between Sprinkles and Ultimate is the icing.  Ultimate is shaved chocolate that seems to be thicker and richer.
Now for the results of the taste test.  Interestingly, we split along "newsroom lines." The people in the web department seemed to like Sprinkles by a slight margin.  Most of them preferred a lighter cake and icing.  But, people working on the television side of the news department were hands down in favor of Ultimate. Most of them said they loved the richer, heavier icing.
I'm not sure what the split said about our newsroom "tasters," but I know it means North Texans have just one more delicious outlet for a dessert favorite.

Give both a once over and let us know what YOU think.  They're both haute these days!

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