Tyson Beckford Wants Actors To Stop Modeling

He's crossed over from modeling to acting, but Tyson Beckford says he wishes celebrities wouldn't jump into the business that made him famous.
Beckford, host of Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel," says that when celebs do product ads or grace the cover of fashion magazines, they take jobs away from models.
The 38-year-old says it takes "a lot of tweaking and airbrushing to get the same from a celebrity that you would get from a model."
He also says fashion is cyclical, and he believes celeb magazine covers will one day go out of style.
Meanwhile, Beyonce graces the cover of Vogue's April issue, and Drew Barrymore is on the cover of "W" magazine.

What the El!?! Editorial:

I'm with Tyson, but think about it, the magazine is featuring an interview with Drew or Beyonce, and they do a photo shoot for it anyway, so TADA, they have a cover!

Why would they pay a model for a cover only? It's all about getting more bang for the buck!

(Associated Press)

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