Two Basement Lounges in Dallas Can’t Surface Without Cash

Getty Images

Want to get a drink at an underground Dallas lounge? You'll need at least a half-million dollars.

Thoth Night Club is in the heart of downtown Dallas, and it's yours to buy on eBay for a paltry sum of $500,000. According to the eBay item, Thoth has the "best bar in Dallas (50 ft long)" and "draws a heavy weekend crowd with well known Dallas djs, even Tommy Lee has spun at Thoth." Still need more information before you buy? Thoth is still up...

But if you don't like the idea of buying someones "used" lounge, maybe you can pitch in some cash to help fund 1400 Main Street's "renovation of the building with a full-service restaurant, basement ultra lounge and a second-level upscale dining and cocktail area." Right now, Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer says the building isn't making any cash for the the city is making a deal to change that. More details on the renovation at Unfair Park.

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