Twice the Bang for the Buck

Summer is here and the fireworks stands are now open, but for some stores the 4th of July provides an opportunity to make more then just a quick buck.  It gives stand operators a chance to give to their favorite charities.

Clint Burns runs the Alamo Fireworks mega store just east of Rockwall along I-30.  He donates a portion of his profits to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. 

Burns lost his uncle, Randy Overton, to blood cancer.  Now Burns makes it his mission each summer to sell as many fireworks as he can.  

"He was an athlete himself and Team in Training does bike rides and marathons, so it seemed like a good way to honor him and what he did and who he was," said Burns.

Like many other fireworks stores across North Texas, Burns will even pay volunteers working at the store an hourly wage. Those workers then donate their earnings back to their respective charities.

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