Trees Confirms Three Bands For Re-Opening

The suspense is killing us...

Trees' owner Clint Barlow has confirmed that he has booked three bands -- Cold, Tap Root and Tantric -- to play during the opening festivities of his storied Deep Ellum venue. However, Barlow said he plans on really opening the club right with a “major national act” thursday, August 13.

Of course mums the word until the ink has dried on the agreement, but we will fill you in on all the details with pleasure!

And what of the other two bands already spreading the word (proudly, and with due cause)? Well, Barlow had this to say about it: “Yeah, everyone is kind of freaking out about that. The only reason people know about Slow Roosevelt playing on Friday and Fair To Midland playing Saturday is because of Myspace."

Ah Myspace -- arbiter of all false truths and things secretly known to anyone with access to the Internet. You gotta love it.

For now, we’ll keep you in the loop as to all updates straight from the source, not Myspace … Face Book … Twitter … you get the point.

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