“Top Model” Melee Won't Happen Here

Dallas police take precautions to ensure model hopefuls safety.

Tyra Banks' hit show "America's Next Top Model" will be coming to Dallas to look for talent, but Dallas Police say don't expect the same model melee like in the Big Apple last weekend.

Model hopefuls can start lining up to audition in the Fair Park parking lot at midnight but can't get into the park and more importantly the Centennial Building (where the casting takes place) until 4 a.m.

Dallas police say off-duty officers and private security will be there all night and all day tomorrow to make sure everyone stays safe during the event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Dallas police say there is one more change, friends and family will not be allowed to be in the building during judging.

All of the security and rules about friends and family come after last Saturday's melee in New York City. Three people were arrested and six others hurt outside the Park Central New York Hotel in Manhattan.
Police didn't know what prompted the chaos but the panic left the street outside the hotel littered with shoes and clothing.

Several theories as to what started it all have surfaced this week. Some model hopefuls claim it started when a car near the crowd overheated and one contestant shouted, "there's a bomb."

Another report says the women trampled each other after someone yelled, "fire."

And still other contestants say a fight broke out and during the chaos two men jumped from a car and tried to grab contestants' purses during the panic.

Bottom line, it looks like DPD isn't interested in a repeat of the incident.

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