“Top Chef” Heads Home to Go Fish

"This is my baby, ya'll gotta come see me here!"

Local chef and Bravo star, Tiffany Derry has an infectious smile and booming laugh that’s hard to miss. Her larger than life personality won the vote for fan favorite on the seventh season of "Top Chef" where she won $30,000 and a trip to Paris on the show -- though she didn't net the "Top Chef" title.

“People that recognize me run up and hug me. They speak to me as if they really know me,” said Derry of her new-found fame and fans.

Hug happy fans are a problem the 28-year-old Executive chef at Go Fish is happy to have as she prepares to roll out her new Autumn menu, which features a new cross section of fish and seafood from around the world. The flavors on the menu are designed to reflect the influences of seasonal ingredients and diversity of world cuisines.

Diners at Go Fish have come to appreciate Derry’s take on global seafood and other typical southern fare like her fried green tomatoes (snag the recipe here).

“It’s not as traditional, so there’s a little bit of a different flavor to things...a nice Ponzu sauce is served. I really like the efforts the chef is making to make it different,” said diner Ryan Cooms about the Go Fish menu.

The new menu isn't the only thing coming up for Derry -- she will rejoin local chefs Casey Thompson (Brownstone in Fort Worth) and Tre Wilcox (Loft 610 in Plano) in the upcoming season of "Top Chef: All Stars."

When it comes to competing against her fellow Texans, Derry is quick to admit she has "no relationship with them at all, they don’t know me and I don’t know them." Despite her cheery demeanor, Derry is a fierce opponent who is steadfast in her desire to win.

She doesn’t take herself seriously, either. In fact, Derry is thinking about redeeming herself from her losing dish (her plating of frozen mussels did her in) on "Top Chef."

“I’m thinking about putting the dish I was eliminated on my menu. And then, diners can decide if I should have gone home for it,” said Derry.

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