Top Chef Goes Lone Star

The next season of Top Chef might show you something familiar -- since some of it was shot in our own backyard.

For the ninth season of Bravo's hit culinary competition, chefs will be visiting Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas for their challenges. Well, we should say they'll appear to have been visiting, as their are rumors the chefs already made their way through most of those cities.

In addition to the new locations, we'll get new judges -- Gail Simmons and Tom Coliccho will be joined by chefs Hugh Acheson and -- BAM -- Emeril Lagasse.

Three cities? Two new judges? This is where we'd make an "everything is bigger in Texas" joke, but the official press release already beat us to it.

We're no strangers to Top Chef-lebrities around here, with Tre Wilcox, Casey Thompson, and Tiffany Derry all being locals (and opening local restaurants.) We wonder if we'll see any more familiar faces during the show's Big D run.

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