Tootie Pie Serves Sweet Smiles

Pie and panini shop putting down roots in North Texas

The Tootie Pie Co. is expanding to North Texas -- and one of the pies is Texas-sized.

“Well, this is a six-pound apple pie. It’s a monster. This is how we package for corporate sales and for the holidays,” said Ty Gerot, who runs operations for the Tootie Pie Co.

You can also get key lime, coconut and heavenly chocolate, just to name a few.

Frequent customer Mindy Dennis said she and her friends eat here two to three times per week. Her favorite?

“The buttermilk pie; although, I’m a chocolate girl and I always get chocolate, the buttermilk is the way to go,” said Dennis.

The strong allegiance to a specific flavor has to do with its creator.

Ruby “Tootie” Feagan started baking pies at home in the early '80s to support her family after her husband died.

She worked hard at home, then worked the contest circuit and made a name for herself. She eventually started a bakery in Medina. The pies are now made in Boerne and shipped worldwide.

“I’ve had all the pie for, except, I think, blueberry, but I still go back to buttermilk,” said Sandy Hitchcock, who dines in with Dennis.

The pies cost between $30-35.

“My husband is like ‘How much did you spend on a pie!?’ But then, once he tried it, he realized, 'Oh, it was definitely worth it,'” said Dennis.

Customer Debby Clark said the pies make great gifts, "especially during the holidays, when you don’t want to go empty-handed to an event."

The company has also perfected "pie on a stick."

“People wanted to be on the go, and kids loved ice cream. People love in Texas things on a stick so, you know, our culinary guys and family got together and said, ‘Hey, let’s create something fun for the kids,' and it just took off,” said Gerot.

Frequent customer Dan Corthell agreed.

“It’s absolutely delicious. It’s coconut pie on a stick and, I don’t know. Words can’t describe the chocolate and the coconut... It’s definitely better than a Popsicle,” said Corthell.

With mail order pies as its foundation, Tootie Pie Co. has six gourmet cafes spread across Texas.

One is in Frisco -- another is on Preston Road and Royal Lane in Dallas.

“Now we found a niche with our gourmet cafe, so we’re finding that roughly 50, 60 percent of our sales are now distributed outside of the holidays to our gourmet cafes. So, we’re really looking at that casual dining segment right now and looking at expanding the gourmet brand -- fresh paninis, fresh salads, fresh soups, coffee in the morning. We open up in the morning with fresh bagels,” said Gerot.

“It’s just a fun place to be. It’s got a really good staff, and they are really friendly, and everybody should come and try it out,” said Hitchcock.

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