Tony Romo Is A Solution, Not A Problem

Fans are starting to turn on Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Overrated is a term I'm hearing a lot of.

People, don't get stupid. 

I'll admit that Tony Romo turned the ball over too many times in 2009.  He has to protect the football better.

That doesn't mean you dump him as your quarterback.   Fans are suggesting some things that are way out there:

1.  Trade Romo

2.  Get a backup to push Romo

3. Draft Graham Harrell of Texas Tech

Here is what needs to happen.  Quarterback coach Wade Wilson needs to be fired.  If Jerry Jones won't make that move Wilson must improve Romo's footwork and decision making.  Jason Garrett needs a better gameplan.  JG was a bust in his second year calling plays.

Wilson and Garrett need to jump on Romo during the games when he does make dumb mistakes.

The offensive line play must get better. Hudson Houck was stealing money in 2008.  His better days may be over as an offensive line coach.  Romo was running for his life too many times last year.

Romo has been to the Pro Bowl twice in his career.  He is still young and has to be coached up.  You don't trade young talent like Romo.  You work with him and the coaching around him must improve.

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