Tonight's Blue Plate Special is For Locavores Only

Living a green lifestyle isn't just about recycling or giving up that sport utility vehicle for a hybrid; it can also come down to the dinner table.

One of the most successful chefs in the country, and right here in North Texas, has made it a point of keeping it local.

Chef Kent Rathbun is the mastermind behind many of North Texas' most famous and successful restaurants, including Abacus and Jasper's.

But his latest venture, Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen, offers that little something extra.

"Here at Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen, we specialize in locally grown and seasonally grown food," Rathbun said.

And that's why he is one of the featured guests at the Live Green Expo in Plano.

"Going green is more than a fashion statement," said Melinda Haggerty, of the city of Plano. "It's truely a lifestyle, and the Live Green Expo is the perfect way to get it started."

Food alley is making its debut at this year's expo, and Rathbun is the featured chef.

"We're going to be demonstrating some Windy Meadows Family  Farms chicken breast," he said. "Some local goat cheese and local lavender, so it will be a really nice dish also with some local honey on it."

Rathbun will also prepare a short rib dish brazed in citrus juices.

"When people consider what they are eating, they should really think about becoming locavores," Haggerty said. "It reduces carbon emmissions to get things that are produced locally, and you will have fewer chemicals if you find grown and picked locally instead of being shipped across the country."

It's something the folks at Blue Plate already know.

For more on the Live Green Expo, click here.

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