T.O. To Get Reality Show-Please Cut Him Now

Once again, proving my statement that the Dallas Cowboys are more about glamour than substance, Terrell Owens is getting his own reality TV show.

It will be shot during T.O.'s offseason, which is right now, but come on.  Has reality TV ever been good for anybody?

Flavor Flav's show, The Flavor Of Love, made him look foolish.   Hogan Knows Best has torn the Hogan  famil apart..   Hulk's wife left him then she started dating a guy 25 years younger than her and his son is in jail. All these programs were produced by VH1 and Owens' show will be on the same network.

The Cowboys need to cut T.O.  You don't want your current players involved in reality shows.  Too many bad things can reflect on the Dallas Cowboys brand.

Owens is an attention starved person.  He loves the glamour.  I just think the Cowboys should move on from him and the sideshow he brings.

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine put out this story:

VH1 Greenlights Terrell Owens Reality Show

Show to chronicle star's off-field life, debuts this summer

By Alex Weprin -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/26/2009 10:41:41 AM MT

VH1 has given the green light to a reality show chronicling the off-season life of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens.

The still untitled series will bow on the MTV Networks owned channel in summer, 2009.

"We are thrilled to bring such a great athlete, who is one of the biggest names and personalities in all the world of sports to VH1 for a surprising high octane look inside his superstar life off the field," said Jeff Olde, EVP Original Programming & Production, announcing the pickup.

The series will follow Owens as he tries to find success off the playing field, flanked by his friends and publicists Monique Jackson and Kita Williams.

VH1 has been busy launching reality shows based around larger than life personalities. Some have sprung from shows such as Flavor of Love, which was spun off into I Love New York, which in turn led to programs like I Love Money. Others have been developed independently of the franchises and concepts, such as Hogan Knows Best, which followed wrestler Hulk Hogan and his family.

Of course Owens' people are trying to put their "misunderstood" spin on the man who always seems to be involved in locker room issues.  This was their release:

"In the series, T.O. will be shadowed in the off-season by his best friends and publicists Monique Jackson and Kita Williams as they battle the two sides of his large personality. Viewers will discover that behind all the braggadocio, emotional histrionics, and sculpted physique that is the outspoken media magnet known to the world as 'T.O.' -- there is also a quiet, sensitive, mild-mannered guy from Alexander City, Alabama...that's Terrell.

"Mo and Kita want to help Terrell match all the success he's had on the field with that same kind of success off the field. Now, after a string of relationships and off-the-field endeavors, Terrell is ready to re-examine his personal life and finally put a plan into action. These outspoken, vibrant women are more like T.O.'s sisters than people who work for him. They will function as matchmakers and therapists and also put their marketing expertise to use and help him make his life off of the field as successful as his life on it!"

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