T.O Decision Was Wrong

I was at the American Airlines Center last night when the news broke that T.O. had been released by the Cowboys. There was some cheers, and a lot of surprised people. Me being one of them. I was able to speak with three players last night, and they were not happy about. They all liked T.O., and felt he gave them the best chance to win. In fact, one of them said, "it's Tony's team". 

That's the problem with this move. It was made in large part, if not all, to massage Tony Romo. If Jerry thinks this is going to magically fix the locker room chemistry he's wrong. What it's going to do, is create even more pressure on Romo, and create a faction of players that may treat him as if he was responsible.

This is fact. We've yet to see Tony Romo succeed without Terrell Owens. We will now. A popular player was just cut, and the Cowboys offense could suffer because of it.

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