Tips and Tricks For Hungry Chicks

New low-calorie cookbook promises not to cut the flavor

You can eat cherry pie, cheesecake and burgers without crashing your diet? Is it too good to be true???

Not according to Lisa Lillien, author of the new cookbook "Hungry Girl 200 Under 200."

"It is so easy to make foods that have less than 200 calories that taste fantastic!" Lillien said. "It [the book] is filled with amazing, fun, delicious, super easy recipes, all guilt-free."

Lillien is in Dallas signing copies of her latest release.

The New York Times best-selling author already has a devoted following of food fans. She launched the Hungry Girl Web site in 2004 and has a mailing list of more than 700,000 people with whom she shares her recipes, tips and diet survival strategies.

"Everyday I send tips and tricks for hungry chicks."

With recipe names like "Rock me, I'm a Danish," and "Swirls Gone Wild Cheesecake Brownies", Lillien hopes to make cooking healthy an exciting experience.

"I think people should have fun no matter if they're counting calories or watching what they eat," Lillien said.

You can meet Lillien, buy a signed copy of her book and ask her advice on Wednesday, May 6 at 7 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble on 7700 West Northwest Highway in Dallas.

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