Time For Mike Shanahan

I know. Jerry Jones said Wade Phillips' job is safe. But we didn't know Mike Shanahan would be available. This guy has won TWO SUPER BOWLS. TWO!! How many has Wade won?

Here's the point, I understand Wade's a great defensive guy. But who did Jerry invest all of his money and future into? Tony Romo. And if Mike Shanahan can take Jake Plummer to the playoffs (I'm ASU grad and Cardinals fan, and huge Jake Plummer fan) imagine what he could do with Tony Romo and those weapons? Not to mention he would get this dysfunctional locker room under control.

Sorry Wade, you're a good guy. But when your dating a decent looking girl who kind of gets the job done, and a hot chick with proven success comes along, DUMP THE DECENT LOOKING GIRL!

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