Thousands of Voters Head to Polls Sunday in North Texas

A record number of Texans are voting early in the midterm elections.

On Sunday, people were still trickling in to voting centers around North Texas.

"I thought today would be a good day since it's Sunday, and it wouldn't be so crowded," said Essie Richardson, a Dallas County voter.

In Dallas, a Souls to the Polls event was held near a voting center in Oak Cliff.

"I'm hoping that we get a big turnout of people who go vote,' said Brittany White, with Faith in Texas.

More than 20 churches participated in the event in an effort to encourage their congregations to get out and vote early.

"I just left church… and this was my first free time to get out and vote," said Stefanie Gunn, who came to the voting center after she attended Concord Missionary Baptist Church.

In Tarrant County, Heider Garcia, the county's election administrator, said he didn't expect to see these numbers for the first week of early voting.

"The numbers have been fantastic… so far this has out-paced every midterm record we've had, and it's pretty close to the 2016 presidential," Garcia said.

He said historically Sunday is a slow day for voting, but this year they were prepared for anything.

Garcia said this midterm election, the county is not seeing typical voting behavior.

He said Saturday usually has more voters than Friday, but that wasn't the case this year.

"We're not seeing the usual behavior," Garcia said. We're on our feet for everyday maybe today will be the day when people who didn't go out yesterday will come out today."

According to the Tarrant County elections website, 14,421 people cast a ballot in person Sunday. In total, 248,705 ballots have been cast in Tarrant County since early voting started.

In Dallas County, more than 277,000 people cast their vote in person through Saturday.

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