This is Lady Gaga's Restaurant

Like Robert De Niro, Jay-Z, and countless celebrities before her, Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga) is officially in the restaurant business. The December issue of W magazine reveals that Gaga is now an investor in Vince and Eddie's, a sleepy, largely unremarkable Upper West Side neighborhood restaurant. Aside from a one-star Times review nearly twenty years ago, it's not the kind of restaurant that normally receives any sort of press attention.

The Feast stopped in to speak with owners Peter and Eric Dee, who say they've been inundated with calls since the news of the pop star's involvement broke. As for what lead Gaga to become an investor, the pair says she began coming in regularly about four years ago. She usually sits at the bar or in the "yellow room," but doesn't have a "usual" order: "She's pretty diverse, she'll order pasta, chicken, salads," explains Peter Dee. Discussions as to any changes to the restaurant will have to wait until Gaga returns from her current tour. For now, they're just trying to continue running their restaurant in between calls from Page Six and visits from curious fans.

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