The Rangers Could Use Pitcher Cliff Lee

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On Monday, Sean and I debated the merits of the Rangers making a trade for Cy Young winner Cliff Lee on 105.3 The Fan. (10-2 Monday-Friday)

The Tribe would want Derek Holland or Neftali Feliz as a starting pitcher and at least 2 more prospects in return. 

Sean wants to do it. 

I am not for it at all.  Cliff Lee has a nice club option at 9 million for 2009, but after that he is a free agent.  My concern is renting a player for just 18 months. 

Lee won a Cy Young, but I don't think he is an elite pitcher.  Now, he's a good pitcher.  But I don't consider him a Josh Beckett, C.C. Sabathia, John Lackey or Roy Halladay. 

Now if Lee could be inked to a 4-year deal then I would make the trade.  But if Lee is smart would choose to test his market value in the winter of 2009.  He will get a big payday. 

The Rangers have payroll issues.  Owner Tom Hicks has cash flow problems and I don't see him adding payroll or giving out contract extensions since he is trying to sell the club. 

Here's a reason why the Tribe would consider making a deal.  

The Rangers could use another good starter to go with Kevin Millwood, but I just wouldn't want to give up a prime prospect to do it unless I got more than 18 months from Lee as a Ranger pitcher.

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