The Nuggets Aren’t The Thugs…

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All series, we've heard Denver referred to as the "Thuggets". Most of this stems from JR Smith's foolish behavior during the regular season, and Kenyon Martin's intentional foul on Dirk in game one. Pardon me for pointing out the obvious; but who's had more headlines for thuggery and off the court issues during this one-side series? It is our Dallas Mavericks. Shall we recap:

1) Dirk's girlfriend/fiancee/baby's mamma

2) Antoine Wright's jewelry gets yanked

3) Mark Cuban pushes a photographer out of the way, following game three. Yells at the officials at the scorers table, and precedes to yell at a Martin's mom, calling her son a thug, the day before Mother's Day.

4) Josh Howard did his best "Grand Theft Auto" impersonation following game three: He ripped off his jersey. Chased down an official, nearly chesting him. Broke a photographers camera lens. Argued with Martin. Punched the tunnel that exits the court repeatedly. Used the F-word in about every way imaginable. And took it upon himself to move all our photographers step ladders away from his locker, only to tell us "fools" he wasn't talking.

So spare me the "Thuggets" moniker. The Mavs are the embarrassment. Not the team that's about to sweep them.

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