The Mavericks Are Chasing The Polish Hammer In Free Agency

Well, leave it to the Mavericks to continue to keep their fans frustrated.  Outside of trying to retain their own free agents Jason Kidd and Brandon Bass, the are trying to add the 25-year old 7-foot center Polish Hammer to their roster.

Head coach Rick Carlisle went down in Orlando trying to convince backup center Marcin Gortat that he can be the starting center they need.  It's no secret the Mavs are trying to deal Erick Dampier who's been a disappointing center for them the last three years.

Who is this guy?   The Houston Rockets have offered him the full mid-level exception and reports Cuban really wants to reel in Gortat.

The Rockets are darn near begging according to their local paper.  Check out the blog headline "Rockets to Gortat: Please baby, please baby, please baby baby baby please".

I'm guessing the Mavs hope Gortat is the next Mehmet Okur.  He's been great in Utah and was a spare player in Detroit before cashing in big time with the Jazz.  My fear is the Mavs luck won't be as good.

All this love for a guy who averaged 12 minutes a game and averaged almost 4 points and 4 rebounds a contest.   Only in America right?

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