The Future For Cowboys Fans

The Carolina Panthers are threatening to revoke PSLs from owners who didn't buy playoff tickets. 

The team is offering PSL holders the right to pay a fee to keep their expensive seat licenses.

The Charlotte Observer says at least one person was told they had to pay $228 to keep theirs.

If the PSL owners don't pay the fee, they lose their right to buy season tickets.

Oh, and they don't get any of the money they paid for the PSL refunded either.

Could this be the future for Cowboys fans who buy PSLs?

Its not likely.

PSLs for Cowboys fans will be much more expensive than what people in North Carolina paid for theirs, so Jerry Jones might not be able to justify revoking them.

Also, the cowboys haven't won a playoff game in so long, that its likely most people would only have to buy the one postseason ticket every 4 or 5 years.

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