The Cardinals = Ronald Miller

It's been a weird week for me. I'm still adjusting the Arizona Cardinals logo being printed on a Super Bowl t-shirt. I've been a lifelong struggling fan of this horribly run franchise. We've been criticized, laughed at, and pointed to as a 'how not to run your team'. It's been a pleasure watching ESPN and NFL Network this week because they have to talk about the Cards. They can't ditch us anymore. They can't just play Denny Green's "they are who we thought they were!" byte as comedic relief.

Then it dawned on me. The Cardinals have been treated like the dork in school forever. We're losers. We eat lunch by ourselves. We look up to the popular kids like the Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots and Eagles. We don't get invited to dances (playoffs). We stay at home on Fridays and Saturdays (playoffs). We don't attract the hot girls, or in this case, the good free-agents. WE ARE....Ronald Miller. The dork from "Can't Buy Me Love"  who was disrespected at cut lawns for money. The guy who lusted over Cindy Mancini, but never had a shot at her until he paid her off for a little attention and french kissing.

That's us. That's the Cardinals. But we finally made it to the popular kids lunch table. It wasn't easy. The Cards,  like Ronald, had to spend money to get there. We built a new stadium, we kept our talent on the roster, we brought in a few free-agents. It took a few nerdy dates like Josh McCown, Stony Case, Andre Wadsworth, etc. But alas, the nerds get their day on the grandest of stages.

So in your best chanting voice say it with me: "WE ARE....RONALD MILLER!!"

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