The Very Best Veggie Burgers

These hearty burgers will satisfy the meatiest of appetites.

Who says vegetarian eating is all about tofu and sprouts?  As we head into the sunniest season of all, veg-heads will crave a classic summer burger as much as the next guy or girl.  And that’s where we come in.

Below you’ll find our top local veggie burger picks, and there’s not a rubbery, pre-fab patty in sight.  Unique and flavorful, each of these sammies will satisfy the meatiest of appetites.  Enjoy!

Two area locations

Known for exemplary service and cuisine, the veggie burger at Houston’s lives up to this perennial favorite’s top-notch reputation.  Made fresh in-house from a mixture of brown rice, black beans and beets (of all things), it’s a fave of vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.  $13

Jack’s Backyard
2303 Pittman St., Dallas

Oak Cliff hotspot Jack’s Backyard offers a Veggie Burger as well as Grilled Veggie Sliders.  The former is topped with roasted red peppers and provolone cheese, and those sliders feature grilled sweet onions and mushrooms in place of a patty.  $5.75 and $8.75

The Old Monk
2847 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas

The Vegetarian Burger served at the Old Monk (as well as sister pubs Idle Rich and Blackfriar) is hearty enough to stand up to an evening of stout.  Or ale.  House-made of lentils, bulgur wheat, veggies and spices, you can top it with Swiss, American or cheddar cheese for a buck more.  $8.50

Spiral Diner
Locations in Dallas and Fort Worth

As the reigning champ of Metroplex meatless eateries, it’s only fitting that we highlight not one but two selections from Spiral Diner.  First up is the El Paso Burger, with your choice of a classic patty, nut patty or Portobello mushroom cap topped with chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeño and guacamole.  $8.25

For a tropical change of pace, try the Jamaican Jerk BBQ sandwich.  While not technically a “burger”, it’s ideal for summer, featuring blackened marinated tempeh, grilled pineapple and homemade jerk sauce.  $8.50

Twisted Root
Multiple Area Locations

This gourmet burger joint’s Spicy Veggie Burger goes heavy on the southwestern spice.  Studded with whole beans and corn, it pairs perfectly with the BBQ sauce conveniently parked on each table.  Save the house-made ancho chipotle ketchup for your fries.  $5.99 (fries sold separately)

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