The Sheen on Sheen's Show Is Gone

Winning? Make that "competing."

Charlie Sheen didn't get booed off the stage during his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" show in Dallas on Thursday night, but the crowd's reaction was lukewarm.

Fans before the show didn't know what to expect, but poor reviews in other cities didn't deter them.

"We don't care about Detroit or Chicago," Dee Jones said. "We're in Dallas. We love him."

The show wasn't sold out even though the stage was configured to fill less than half of the AAC. But a few thousand people showed up to see Sheen.

Some of those folks left early. But there were no long-term boos at Sheen.

He did a victory lap before taking the stage at the AAC. He walked on stage to a small chorus of cheers. The crowd might have been reacting to the Mavs jacket he was wearing.

Sheen's night included shots at trolls, CBS (he wore a CBS shirt that said "Can't Beat Sheen") and, of course, talking about "winning." He also worked in in numerous catchphrases and quotes from his interviews.

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