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"You can make an inexpensive suit look like a million bucks if it's fitted properly."


Clothing retailers have tightened their belts in recent years due to tough economic times, and master tailor Bob Baumann's custom designs reflect this.

“When times are tough, clothing becomes more serious. So today it's more that traditional suit that's a little more fitted to the body, it's not as baggy…it's not the bold, bold patterns and pinstripes…it's the simple ties…very neat… very clean,” said Baumann.

His one-of-a-kind custom clothing showroom in Addison offers more than snazzy suits and stylish ties. He said he wants men have access to high end clothing and luxury service when they shop

Discerning men who are too busy running corporations, making mega million dollar mergers and and oh, who knows -- taking over the world -- come to Edward Baumann Clothiers for help.

“My customers are mainly presidents of large corporations, CEO’s and up-and-coming entrepreneurs,” said Baumann of his clientele.

Former Dallas Cowboys’ coach Joe Avezanno and celebrity chef Dean Fearing are customers.

Baumann prides himself on getting to know his client, assessing their style (or lack thereof) then starting the custom design process.

Customers who maintain their weight after their measurements are taken can then sit back and have their suits delivered to their home, office or private jet.

"It's professionally done, it's delivered to my office, it's pressed, it's a turnkey where my time becomes valuable and he understands that,” said customer Brad Harris.

From custom hidden pockets to suit linings the color of a customer's alma mater, anything is possible…anything within good taste, that is.

“I’m not afraid to tell my customers like it is. If something doesn’t work, I let them know,” said Baumann.

But with all the custom details offered, Baumann’s clients can easily come up with plenty of options.

"We can make it anyway he wants it. Whether it's a single breast, double breast, two button, three button, side vent, center vent, no pleats, pleats, cuff, no cuff, the color of the buttons, the color of the lining… everything,” said Baumann.

Staying true to his mantra that “clothes take you to the place you want to go,” Baumann keeps his clients looking sharp.

And at a minimum of $1200 for a custom suit it better be straight to the top… or at least to the front of the line.

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