The Polyphonic Spree Returns to Fort Worth

20-plus members, one great show

Dallas' 20-plus member rock band is heading back to North Texas for a May 9 performance at Lola's Saloon.

The Polyphonic Spree, headed up by Tim DeLaughter (formerly of Tripping Daisy and currently of both the Spree and Preteen Zenith), is headed on the "You + Me" tour four years after their last tour for the 2007 record "The Fragile Army."

DeLaughter and his Good Records Recordings buddies have been releasing a just a trickle of new material including "What Would You Do?," "It's Christmas," and "Bullseye" in both digital and vinyl formats.

We dig the Spree's wall of sound and infectious energy and are really hoping these new bits of music will lead to another full-length record we can spin until the grooves wear out.

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