The Owly: The Dirk Goes Viral

Sure, the Mavs killed the Celtics' five-game win streak last night thanks to Dirk Nowitzki's clutch jump shot, but it was the lanky German's goofy, fan-endearing video that really stole the show. Premiering on the JumboTron, The Dirk -- a parody of the Steve Martin classic The Jerk and the latest in a film series that has also seen Nowitzki portray The Dude from The Big Lebowski -- gave nail-biting fans a reason to chuckle. It also gave the Celtics a reason to fret: Not only do they have trouble blocking the lanky German's shot, but turns out they’ll probably never match his acting chops either.

Not that Shaq didn't try. En route to Dallas, the Kazaam star filmed a special video of his own that included this taunting, pre game tweet: Dear mark Cuban I’m leavin Oklahoma driving to Dallas rt now, it’s on. Unfortunately, well, for Beantown fans that is, Shaq’s lack of playing time and the Celtics’ poor shooting percentage couldn't make that threat a reality.

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