Nation's Best Mentors Recognized in Dallas

Big Brothers Big Sisters play date

Hundreds of people will convene at The Hyatt Regency in Dallas this week for the Big Brothers Big Sisters national conference.

Participants share a common goal of helping children succeed.

This conference, sponsored by Comcast, the parent company of NBC Universal and NBCDFW, brings 650 big brothers and sisters from across the U.S. into one room to discuss how to grow as mentors. Two mentors will receive recognition for their hard work.

Mike Trueblood is one of them.

"It’s pretty fantastic, it's a real trip," said Trueblood, who is 81-years-old.

Mike has been 13-year-old Joseph’s big brother for four years.

"He is a fantastic person, he's smart and intelligent and knows what just to say, he has good advice," said Joseph.

Joseph doesn't have a male role model in his life which is why he enrolled into the program. While he gets support from his big brother, Mike said he's really the one who benefits from his relationship with Joseph.

“My wife and I have 12 grandchildren but it's like having another grandchild ... he's become a part of our family environment too," said Trueblood.

So how does Joseph feel about his 'big' getting this major award?

"Excellent, but I can expect that from a guy like him," said Joseph.

The organization helps more than 11,000 children in North Texas alone.

"We serve children in one-on-one mentoring relationships in more than 5,000 communities in this country,” said C.E.O. Karen Mathis.

According to the Big Brothers Big Sisters website there are currently 21,000 boys waiting for a Big Brother match across the country right now. Roughly half that amount of girls are in need of a mentor. 

Click here to learn more about the organization or to find out how to become a mentor.

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