The Coffee Urn Brews Neighborhood Goodness

The Coffee Urn in Fort Worth serves up coffee with kindness and a helping of home.

“I’ve always wanted to own a place like this” says owner Edward Elliott who enjoys having a neighborhood shop.

“That’s kind of what we specialize in is homey atmosphere of a place where people to meet. Atmosphere. People like to sit around and have meetings and little bible studies or have a group of people that come in in the morning just sit and talk politics or whatever” adds Elliott.

One of the many drinks you can get is the Coco Mocha. It’s a coconut-flavored favorite.

The food for breakfast and lunch is favored just as much as what you can get to drink.

“I can get a cup of soup and half a sandwich and it’s just about right for lunch” says regular Mike Holton who comes in almost everyday.

“Several of my friends if they have a chance have kind of a standing appointment here at 10:00 clock in the morning” adds Holton.

It’s also why Gretchen Cummings stops in for the chicken salad sandwich and spinach salad everyday.  It’s an experience she says you can’t get everywhere.

“I just love it because the food is good and they are friendly and they are nice” says Cummings.

The Coffee Urn
5018 Trail Lake Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76133-2028
(817) 926-7660

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