The Children’s Place: Winter Clearance


I've been twice. I am not going again. I can't - its waaaaaayyy too tempting & I spend waaaaayyyy too much money.

The Children's Place (Outlets Only!) is having their annual winter clearance sale - ALL winter items are marked down to $2.99. Use this 15% coupon to make each item $2.55!

As you can see, I did some serious damage. And this was just Trip #1....Trip # 2 was very similar! They have adorable sweaters, sweats, pants, shoes, and more! I got some totally adorable baby shower gifts as well as next year's winter clothing for the girls. I could not believe I got so many pairs of shoes for $2.55/pair!

Remember to call your store ahead of time to make sure they have their clothing marked down. I know its marked down at every outlet store and may be at the regular stores, as well.

RUN - don't walk!!

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