The Cadillac of Burgers

The Ranch keeps it All-American

When a restaurant names one of its burgers after a classic car, it better measure up to its All-American standards. 

We found a meaty monster at The Ranch in Las Colinas that does.

"The Cadillac is sort of an iconic American name and so we kept that burger name because it really is an All-American burger with the cheese and the mushrooms and the bacon. To me it encompasses everything that's great about a burger,” said Executive John Franke.

The Cadillac burger is topped with herb mushrooms, smoky applewood bacon, American cheese and of course, your standard mustard, lettuce tomato and onions.

It’s a simple example of American contemporary cuisine with a Texas twist.

“There’s no bells and whistles… there’s nothing crazy, there’s nothing far out there on that burger. It’s simplistic and perfect in all that is,” said Franke.

It’s a tasty mouthful that any hungry patron will appreciate, topping sales at about twenty five to thirty burgers a day.


The Ranch at Las Colinas
857 West John Carpenter Freeway
Irivng, Texas 75039

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