The Bushes Are Officially Moved-In

Getty Images

Though we had a furry of speculation followed be a confirmation by a close (but unofficial source) on Wedndsay, we can now be 100% sure that the former First Family George and Laura Bush are moved into their home in Preston Hollow.

How can we be so sure? DMN has a quote from the offical Bush spokesman Rob Saliterman, plus WFAA TV has video of former President Bush waving hello and moving vans pulling up to the house.

So what now? Daria Place residents will have to contend with a new security gate, which has had it's construction delayed, as well as security forces around the pemises. DPD Chief David Kunkle revised his estimate for police protection (which was set at $1 million at one time), but he'll still be providing units and escorts whenever the Bushes need to get a plunger down at Elliot's Hardware. (Could have used that employee discount, Mr. President!)

Then there's the questions of where they'll be seen around town. Mrs. Bush has already met with designers to get items for her new abode, and the former President hasn't wasted time looking at his office near Preston Center. It's only a matter of time before folks start seeing the former First Family at Five-Sixty.

Now it's time to start up the Bush sightings (not that kind, sickos): if you spot them, should be your first priority. You've been assigned, Towners!

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