The Bushes Are Moving In

Moving trucks for the former first family rolled into Preston Hollow Wednesday.

The Dallas Police Department and the Secret Service blocked off the street outside for security purposes, as former President George and Laura Bush moved into their new home on Daria Street. The agencies asked people for identification and used a list to determine who would be allowed to travel in and out of the street.

Reportedly, a Mayflower moving truck was seen earlier Wednesday at the property.

As news of the couple's arrival spread, curious Dallas residents stopped by just to catch a glimpse of the former president and first lady. 

"We just want to wave at them," one onlooker said.

Other said they wanted to give the couple a big Texas welcome. 

"We know they've had a tough four years and we just want them to know Dallas welcomes them," another resident said.

An employee who works at the school across the street said he saw the Bushes in a black sport utility vehicle and they waved at him. 

Neither the Secret Service, nor Dallas police would say how long the street would be blocked off. 

Candy Evans (a.k.a the czar of Daria Place) has a post up at DallasDirt confirming many details right from the neighborhood. She's got more photos going up on DallasDirt.

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