“The Bachelorette” Keeps It Real At Aura Lounge

Three isn't always a crowd

Aura Lounge in Uptown is quite the breeding ground for reality television rejects, err … we mean honorary celestial beings of the boob tube brigade -- respectively. Thus, it’s only fitting three former cast members of the latest installment of "The Bachelorette" are ‘putting themselves out there’ this Friday.

In case you didn't follow the show like some rabid fans, here's some insight into the two Dallas-based former cast mates and odd man out from the far away land of Ohio. Pick your flavor, and then make your jelly roll over to Aura Lounge and jam on it with whomever strikes your fancy. You may not get a rose but at least you can catch a whiff and a glimpse of their aura in person.

Tickle Your Fancy -- Tanner P.
If you’re interested in this 30-year-old financial analyst, trim your hooves and polish those little piggies because he has a foot fetish. This means you must come correct by wearing a pair of open-toed Christian Louboutins or strappy ‘On no Choo didn’t’ hump-me-pumps to Aura Lounge.

Mile High Club -- Jake
This guy makes it way too easy.
Pilot's uniform, check.
Mr. Nice Guy, check.
Hot body, check.
'Nuff said.

Heart Breaker -- Michael
You know what ‘they’ say. You can tell a lot about how a prospective mate procreates by watching him on the dance floor. If this old adage holds true, then Michael is the break dancing match for you.

Now squeeze into your tightest clubby gear or t-shirt tankeeni and bust out the charm for one of these three men looking for love. Fret not if you don't score a perfect fit this weekend. "Daisy of Love" just ended and we already spied some wilted rejects from the show planted at Aura Lounge's bar a couple weeks ago.

Aura Lounge is located at 2912 McKinney Avenue.
Doors open at 9 p.m. and cover is complimentary. 
Table reservations are strongly encouraged by calling 214-220-2872. 

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