Thanksgiving Tree Tradition Grows

Everyone has heard of a Christmas tree.  Now there's a new tradition for many North Texas families: a Thanksgiving tree.

It's a metal sculpture that looks like a tree with no leaves.  Every day during the holiday season, you write on a paper tag something for which you are thankful, and then hang the tag on the tree.

It's the creation of Donna King at Dallas-based home decor retailer Room Service Home.

"Ten years ago my daughter was born, and she had some pretty severe health issues," King said. "It was a time that we were really struggling to find things that we were thankful for, so I thought I have got to focus on little things because the big things really aren't happening for us right now."

King says she saves the tags year after year so she and her family can reflect on their many blessings.

She now sells Thanksgiving trees through her company's website:    

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