Texas Giant's $10 Million Renovation Rolling Along

Six Flags is open for the summer season, but one of the most anticipated attractions is the ride you can't go on yet.

Construction crews have begun a massive reconstruction of the Texas Giant roller coaster.

"They're taking off the old parts of the coaster, the track and the walk boards," said project manager Weno Sanchez.

Sanchez supervises two dozen men from Rocky Mountain Construction, and the Idaho-based company that specializes in building amusement park rides.

"They're climbing for 10 hours a day, six days a week," Sanchez said.

The men work rain or shine to keep the project on schedule. 

The reconstruction is costing $10 million, double the price tag of the original two decades ago.

When it's done next year, the iconic wooden coaster will be higher, steeper and faster. The ride will also be much smoother thanks to a brand-new steel track.   

The Texas Giant will be closed for the entire 2010 summer season. But visitors to the park will be able to see construction crews at work. The new coaster is scheduled to open in time for the 2011 summer season, which will be the park's 50th anniversary.

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