Lebanese Food Finds Home in Cowtown

Mediterranean food finds a home in the middle of Fort Worth

If you're looking for authentic Mediterranean food you can find it in the middle of Fort Worth.

Terra Mediterranean Grill is barely a year old and is building a reputation for not only tasty food but also for its patio dining.

“It’s mostly Lebanese Greek, more Lebanese than anything else,” explains Adam Shanaa who co-owns Terra Mediterranean Grill with his brother.

 “It’s all family recipes. It’s all mom’s recipes. Started 20 years ago” Shanaa adds.

At lunch you eat at the buffet and at dinner you order off the menu. One of the most popular dishes is the lamb chops.

 “You can smell this cooking. We’re under construction, so the waft of the smell came over and I was like, 'we need to go eat right now,'” says diner Raj Chauhan who owns a building around the corner.

It's not just the dishes served in the dining room that get attention, Terra's outdoor patio is a big drawing point.

 “People love the patio. We use it as much as we can. Sometimes even if it’s 100 degree weather still people want to sit outside and have a cold beer,” says Shanaa

The Shanaa Brothers own three restaurants in Dallas, but when they built Terra in Fort Worth, they got to do so from scratch.

“All the other restaurants we’ve had we started from an existing space this one we had an open canvas to play with,” explains Shanaa.

When you dine outside you can sit at the outdoor bar or around the sprawling perimeter of the restaurant.

“I prefer patio just because the weather out here has been nice lately, so I definitely prefer patio,” says Chauhan.

“Once they sit here at the bar they end up ordering their meal at the bar. They don’t want to go back inside anymore,” adds Shanaa.

Terra Mediterranean Grill
2973 Crockett Street
Fort Worth, TX
(817) 744-7485

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