Teen Uses “Twilight” Truck to Drive Charity

North Texas girl who owns famous Chevy truck is using it raise money for her favorite charities

A North Texas teenager has the keys to a coveted piece of "Twilight" history, but she isn't just keeping it to herself.

Sterling Beigert's parent surprised her with the red Chevrolet truck driven in the movie based on the popular book series.

But this 17-year-old girl doesn't just show off this "Twilight" star -- she's also using it for a good cause.

"I wanted to use this truck to help as many as I could," Beigert said. "So I wanted to raise money for charity by having people have this truck at their events or taking pictures with it or making a grand entrance in this truck or whatever. And people will pay to have a star of 'Twilight' be a part of their event."

All the proceeds will go to Beigert's favorite charities.

"I know a lot of people who have been unfortunate and haven't had the normal, daily luxuries that we have, and I love helping she," Beigert said.

The famous Chevy appears several scenes in "Twilight," including the much swooned over sequence that shows Bella being rescued by hunky teen vampire Edward Cullen in their school's parking lot.

The aspiring actress, from Flower Mound, said she is a longtime fan of the books.

"It's my favorite book series and I've read them, I can't remember how many times," Beigert said.

She has the entire series, each copy signed by the author. "Twilight" movie posters from all over the world line the walls of one room of her house. She has a copy of the "Twilight" script, life-size cardboard cutouts of two of the main characters, replicas of the clothes they wore and even a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses signed by Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in the films.

But the beat-up 1963 Chevy truck is what causes a stir in her hometown.

"You will know when they notice it, because they will start screaming," Beigert said. "On the road, we have people slow down to our pace."

Beigert's parents purchased the truck from truck's previous owner, who lent the Chevy to "Twilight" filmmakers.  A replica of the truck is being used in filming for the sequels.

For more information on how to rent the truck for a party or event, visit: www.eternaltomorrows.itgo.com.

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