ReUsing Your Home Demolition

Company brings home deconstruction to North Texas

Local contractor mike Thrutchley has done a career 180.

"The economy tanked and so I had to look for something else to do. So, I know how to put them [houses] together, so I ought to be able to figure out how to take them apart," Thrutchley said.

In order to do that, he needed a crew.

"Several of us have been unemployed for over a year," Thrutchley said.

Now he and half a dozen other men all have eco-friendly jobs thanks to a company called The ReUse People which started in California in 1993.

A Highland Park home is their first deconstruction in Texas. When the house is taken apart, all the products will be given to Habitat for Humanity to be reused in a new residence. Not only does it help out the charity, it helps the environment.

While the cost is two to four times more expensive up front, The ReUse People president Ted Reiff said the savings are big on the back end.

"As a non-profit organization, all the materials that are salvaged and saved from this project represent a tax donation to the owner," Reiff said.

He also told us the return would always cover the difference between a deconstruction and a tear down. With added jobs and green benefits, the workers are hopeful the idea will catch on in North Texas.

The ReUse People said since this project started on July 19, they've received several calls about their services. To learn more, click here.

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