TCU vs BSU in Tailgating

You can take the Horned Frog out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the Horned Frog.

If you don't believe it, just walk around the parking lot of Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

"We were 1-and-10 in 1997. I remember that. So it's really nice to finally attend a BCS bowl,"said Christie Schmidt, a TCU alum dressed head-to-toe in purple.

Football fans wore purple cowboy boots, purple cowboy hats and even horned frog belt buckles at pre-parties for the Fiesta Bowl, which has TCU facing Boise State.

The parking lot smells were familiar to tailgaters at TCU games: steaks, fajitas and even bacon-wrapped jalapenos.

Even though there were plenty of Boise State fans, their tailgating style is different, TCU fans say.

What do they think Boise State fans eat and do at their tailgate?

"Probably a whole lot of  nothing. I would say, in general, they don't have good personalities. They don't know what to do in Idaho but eat potatoes and drink beer," said Tim Bates, a TCU fan who admitted he was talking trash.

"Eat potatoes. I don't think they do anything but eat potatoes in Idaho," said Liz Rainwater, a TCU alum who also said she joking.

"They like french fries. They like curly fries, and they like home fries. But that's all they're about," said TCU fan Greg Johnson.

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