TCU Also Finds Success on the Admissions Field

Frog fever is apparently also sweeping graduating high school seniors.

Applications for admission to Texas Christian University are way up this year. And more of those applying are from out of state.

"We seem to be reaping the benefits of significantly increased numbers of applications," said TCU's Dean of Admissions Raymond Brown.

Since Gary Patterson arrived as head coach nine years ago, applications to TCU have more than tripled. The school had more than 4,500 applications in 2000. More than 14,000 applications are expected this year.

TCU has only 1,700 spots in its freshman class.

In the last three years, applications from Illinois have rise 88 percent, while applications from California have gone up 81 percent.

The changing face of TCU's student body could also change Fort Worth if many Horned Frogs stick around after college.

"Some people are talking about Fort Worth now the way they were talked about Austin in the '70s and '80s, where people would go to school at the University of Texas and then just stay," Brown said.

Fundraising at TCU is also up, despite the tough economy. Football is getting the credit for reminding alumni to send money to their old school.'s Scott Friedman contributed to this report.

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