Shopping Success Story

I love the "Guess how much I didn't pay for this?" game...I play with my husband all the time. After every shopping trip, actually. With time, his interest in the game has lessened, but not for me! He now guesses "Absolutely Nothing" every time I come home. I love it when he's right!

Guess How Much I Didn't Pay For This Stuff?

The Goods:

(7) Renuzits

(10) Skittles

(3 lbs) Bananas

(3 lbs) Apples

(2) International Delight Creamers

(10) Bounty Paper Towels

(3) Kotex

(3) Sharpie Highlighters

(6) BIC Pens

I realize not everything is pictured, it was late and I was not organized. What can I say? I promise to be better next time!

Total Paid = $0.00
Total Saved = $66.27 read that right. My total bill came to NOTHING! In all honesty, it would have gone negative, but I reminded the cashier to price adjust my Skittles coupons so that my total would be $0!

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